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Friday, May 25, 2007

Wisked Away

This weekend, like tomorrow, I am being wisked away to a "FUN DAY" at a local amusment park, dinner at the waterfront followed by a movie then much dancing.

I can not wait...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Growing Pains

Nothing has really been going on…or at least nothing I’m going to blog about…

Life is actually pretty good. I have been just relaxing and enjoy life for a change. While watching my baby boy grow in leaps and bounds every day. He will be 4 in a month and holy cow where did the time go?

I miss that baby I held in my arms while snuggling up to and O the baby smell. However, I do not miss the baby issues of feedings; diaper changing and I don’t know why you are crying why isn’t anything I do working to help settle you, I suck as a mom moments.

What I do love is the fact that he can return my hugs; butterfly kisses and interact with me on his level, of course. I love when we play ball together and have that special bonding moment a mother and son have. He is the sweetest thing that has ever walked or um, has been pushed out, into my life.

You never really know what unconditional love is until you have at child, or at least I didn’t. I’ve never had my heart break a million times over for a sad face and pouty pushed lips. Lastly, I never thought I could be so manipulated by someone that young. Kids really now how to work the system and at an early age. I will continue to blame daycare for this.

I know it’s called pulling at your heart strings. Damn it, I have a billion of those – all made of super strength fishing line unable to break free from this bond.

I will continue to love my child so much that my heart aches every time I drop him off at school or his dad’s. I will also try to give him those butterfly smoochies, as LM calls them, forever and give him a million hugs daily.

Much much love to my baby boy who is growing up so quickly.

Ah, now I know what growing pains really mean.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meter Readers

I understand if you are the gas meter reader person you have a job to do. Along with that, please understand that I too work and do not have the pleasure of working out of my home, nor do I have a roommate of any kind to be there when I’m not. Having said that, when I call to schedule that meter reading appointment you need to work with me – not me work with you.

As for the customer service gal I dealt with today you have no customer relations skills or manners. How hard is it to understand that me getting home after X time, which is an hour before the gas meter reader person is done for the day, why they can’t swing in on the way back to the office which is a few miles from home is beyond me?

It is not my fault when the house I live in was built the meter was put inside. I suggested very nicely to you if I’m not there can they ask my landlord to let them in? I get a nasty they won’t do that. How freaking hard is it to knock on my landlord’s door to have them let you in if I’m not home? I live in a duplex for crying out loud they wouldn’t even have to get off the porch.

Good luck to you with someone being there tomorrow when you stop as you only have my home number and my landlord’s number because customer service gal was very rude and didn’t care.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at work since I explained how I can’t take the day off and you told me you just didn’t care. Telling me how it was my job to find someone to be there. I explained about my landlord you again didn’t care. So why should I?

A note to you, as for my landlord they are usually home but you never know. I do hope you have to find my number somehow and tell me you’re there waiting – as you’ll wait 15 minutes longer for me to drive home to let you in.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beach Success and Stories

I’m back finally from the beach – let me just say it was a successful volleyball tourney for our group. I along with my other teammate Denise took 3rd place on Saturday and then on Sunday Tim and I pulled away with 2nd losing to friends of ours. I would say not a bad trip at all. We had several other winners in our group as well. We cleaned H O U S E!!

There were lots of inside jokes made that weekend along with some impressions of Will Ferrell – Staring contest – YOU WIN, AS YOU ALWAYS DO, THAT’S THE ONLY REASON I KEEP COMING BACK. Good times were had with wild DANCE PARTY moves. Whenever someone said “dance party” like it was the word of the day from the Pee Wee Herman show craziness broke all throughout the house or beach. Lastly, the word Captain was followed up with shouts of AHRRR on command.

Two crazy engagements took place in our group – one at the infamous restaurant Crabby Dicks – with the ring being made out of a paper napkin along with some other clothing attire, ties, hats and scarves. Only to find out later the engagement was broken off and the sister of the ex was asked this time given a straw in the shape of a ring to be used as the symbol of love. A straw because it was worth more then a 2 month salary - who knew?

A night of Wade sandwiches were made with pickle toppings of Denise and James only to have James going thump in the night after some jumping on the bed. However, I missed that action so I’m not really clear on the story here, it just sounded fun.

Last but not least, The Office marathon – hysterical – laughing so hard everyone’s sides hurt. Plus, the wonderful picking on of each other and sneers of poking fun – the only kind of poking friends can make at each other.

Which will lead me to this last part of my story – to read about the night at the Frog Pond click
  • Here as you will find yourself laughing so hard you might just pee yourself!!
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    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Beach Bound, Finally

    It is finally here, the beach volleyball season. I, again, am off to sunny Rehoboth Beach for 4 days of sun, fun, sand and - O yes - lots of volleyball playing!! In that mix is, of course, good times of eating, drinking and just being down right silly.

    This time around we got hooked up with an awesome deal on a great town house. Finally we're all together!!!

    O the tomfoolery that will be going on, I can only begin to imagine. This is the only trip when you can be 21 again or at least act like it. Although, as we age the actions of the evening carry over to the next morning but it's all good because all we have to do is play volleyball.

    Now, if I could just find the time to get started on my packing...ugh...


    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Wally Ball Tourney

    TC, Jamie, Timmy C, Me, Frank, Mark

    This weekend consisted of many hours of Wally ball. Yes, you read that right - WALLY BALL. For those of you who don't know - this is a game much like volleyball - only it's played on a racket ball court using the walls.

    Wally ball is a frustrating game as you have to know how to play the ball off of the wall, using many angles, twists and turns. It also doesn't help that the ball is coming at you with great force while reaching the speed of light. (ok maybe not that fast but it seems like it)

    After playing this game, I realize how a pinball feels when it's getting bounced all around in the pinball machine. There are quick turns; jousts and much diving going on in that room.

    This years event took place to raise money for the Respiratory Disease Society - raising money for kids with respiratory problems along with helping the parents.

    A great opportunity to help make a difference.