In my little world "I am Queen"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Series

I am a huge fan of the author Nicholas Sparks. I also demand him to be under my Christmas tree every year...well not him per say but his new work of art. This year, I received The Lucky One which I devoured in 3 days. Well...it is hell not having your child and this hobby keeps me out of trouble and sane when he is with his dad.

I read and read and loved every page as I soaked deeper and deeper into the lives of the characters of this book. Amazing, this man has talent!

But then...I got wind of a new series, an author everyone is raving about, Stephenie Meyer, the mother of the Twilight Series. All I have to say is I have never been so pissed about going to work - because that means I have to wait 8 hours to pick up this book again. I am dying to get home and start where I have left off. However, I have been sneaking an hour of reading over lunch.

I just found out:

She now knows he’s a vampire…THANK GOODNESS…NOW WHAT?? – A forbidden love affair; what happens next?? Commence Chapter 10….Am I now entering what I will assume is the “meat” of the book. What fun getting there.

When will 4:00 arrive?? I can’t wait to go home and dive deep into the couch next to the faux fireplace and indulge in my new love – Twilight.

I must admit, in the beginning I couldn't figure out what all the hype was about packaged up in this 500 paged book. Then I opened the crisp well designed cover, now I dread putting the book down.

Meyer's makes you feel as though you are right smack dab in the scene making all your senses come alive. I feel as if I am a background character in this book watching from afar waiting for the characters next moves. I lL.O.V.E it.

If you have some free time, I would say pick up the series and dive on in.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost and Found?

I think I have become bored with my blog world. I love to read blogs, just not type them as much anymore. Ahem…love to read because I want to know what everyone else is doing and love getting lost in someone’s warped world…as if mine is not warped enough. Besides, who really who cares what I am doing? It is more interesting to learn about others then myself, I think.

I get lost in other blogs, people’s lives; their struggles; their accomplishments; their children’s wondrous marvels. They are blogs that do not make me feel alone in my day to day struggles; accomplishments and my own little marvels. It makes me feel…well…good. Good by knowing I am not the only one out there that has pains and gains.

In a nutshell, I am just a plain Jane mother; a full time employee who thinks her work rocks most of the time. I still love to play volleyball; socialize and travel. I still live in a small hick town trying to make it like everyone else.

I get excited about things and then bored with things after the challenge has worn off. I think there are only two things in life that do not ever bore me, one being most important my son. He is my greatest accomplishment and everyday is a wonderful yet challenging one – that is one challenge that will never die, raising a child, motherhood.

My second is playing volleyball even at my rightful age of 30 plus 4 I love that game. I love the team feeling when on the court. I love the winning and sometimes the losing because that means I have not achieved the game to perfection.

Maybe a break is all I need. A vacation perhaps? I have plenty of life stories to tell I just do not want to blog them, I guess. I could be just in a funk and after being on the computer all day clicking on the keyboard when I get home is the furthest thing from my mind. That may make me lazy or just at a point in my life where I am over the story telling. Who knows what I am right now.

A new challenge; to figure what it is I want or what I am all about, maybe.

Phew, glad we had this little chat. I feel a little better...I think...


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Cookie Card

After much ice, snow, sleet, rain and whatever else Mother Nature decided to toss our way yesterday school was let out early. I decided to work through lunch and go pick up my favorite little man so he could skip the after school program and hit the grocery store before all the crazies got there.

That was my second mistake…the first promising my boy a free cookie from the bakery with the cookie card I carry with me faithfully. Unbeknown to me the damn thing expired on New Year’s Eve…who knew??

We get to the bakery and I am frantically diving deep into my unorganized wallet looking for the “card” pull it out and hear the “mean old hag” ahem, sweet little old lady say – honey you need a new card. O I do? This one did expire…thinking she will just give my boy the cookie and let me move on. What the sweet freaking hell was I thinking?? Thirty minutes of torture began.

I said I don’t have any cash on me, I just came for a few things I will get the card on my way out after I get cash from my purchases. She looked right at me and my mouth watering boy and said, “I will not give you the cookie without the card.”

Commence tears and I am not talking little tears, I am talking freaking tears of cats and dogs the size of wild cats and great danes. I of course stomp off, remembering I have a five dollar bill of my stash cash in the console of my car. Now remember, the weather is not the greatest out and I have a 5 year old with me in the shopping cart sitting and crying because some nut job will not give up a stale rainbow cookie...so I do what any mother of year would - I take the cart park it in the foyer of the store leaving my purse with child so no one will think I ran off and left him – run out in the elements of the shitty day for a five dollar bill. Mom to the rescue…

Once I get back into the store I walk back to the bakery hand the bitch (sweet as been long gone from mind) lady behind the counter the five and she looks at me and says, “I do not have change.” MOTHER FUCKING GOD, it’s a cookie. It is not like I was asking her to stuff the whole tray down my shirt and pants to steal.

I had to go up to the front of the store to the customer service desk and purchase the card there. I stood for ten minutes while the manager and another worker talked about some other employee being in a bad mood. I thought they have yet to see a bad mood. Meanwhile, my child again in tears, the poor thing just wanted a cookie. All I wanted was a little help! I wanted saved.

I smiled saying, I would like a cookie card, seems they like to play hard to get. She just looked at me and I said it has only taken me thirty minutes in your store to get my child one.

I am thinking of sending customer service email to the owner of the local store; however I am not sure what I want to say yet.

But damn it, we got our cookie card for 2009!