In my little world "I am Queen"

Friday, March 30, 2007

Illness Be Gone

Will this dang cold ever leave my system? I have been fighting the sniffles, body aches, coughs from my chest which just rattles right though me and last but not least not to mention my jaw is now filled with pain. T

The pain is a throbbing which hurts worse then labor. Let me just say this my labor was a breeze compared to this damn cold. I am thinking sinus infection - but not sure as I have never had one of those.

I feel like I need to bathe in bio-freeze and numb every inch of my now frail body. This has be going on for 3 weeks now. I have never in my 30+2 years of life E.V.E.R had a cold kick my ass the way this one has.

I tend to think I am a woman and nothing can knock me down. I have things to get done caring for LM; laundry ; cleaning; cooking; and yes, my job - a girl has deadlines ya know. All I really want to do is lay down to sleep cuddled under that goose down. I don't think that is to much for a gal to ask.

I have missed my scheduled runs for a week not to mention volleyball. I never miss either activities. I did try to run this week, however, this cold just re-bit my ass again so I am on the alpine slide - the bench for now.

Today, I have an appointment with the family doctor - all I want is a happy pill to finally beat this germ out of my system.

Tonight, maybe lots of beer to pee the germ out. At least, that is what my co-worker is telling me I need to do. I am thinking of lots of rest and nothing more, although, beer may help.

All I want is to feel like my happy go lucky normal self and soon.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


LM and I went to a photo studio to have some pics taken. Although, he clung on to my leg like there was no tomorrow, he did great. After riding the farm tractor around the studio he began to ham it up for the pretty girls...

Then he found out there was a bat, ball...
and a mitt...

Not to mention two of moms favorites...

Others can be seen over there ----> on my flickr account ---->. Enjoy. As I know I enjoyed taken him.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Happiness Is...

Over the past several days/weeks I have taken notice to what real happiness is. I have come up with quite the list. I thought I would share to see if anyone shares the same thoughts...these are in somewhat order as to how I find them...

1. Hearing my baby boy laugh out loud
2. Butterfly hugs and kisses
3. Thank yous
4. Bundled up under a fleece blanket with a great book
5. An old friend finding you
6. Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
7. Hugs from someone who truly loves you
8. Dinner out
9. Showing appreciation towards someone
10. Emails from friends just saying Hi
11. Lazy rainy days
12. Holding hands
13. Beers with friends
14. Jamming to your favorite band in your car
15. Holidays
16. Having someone else cook dinner for you
17. Having that someone clean up after cooking for you
18. Friday Afternoons
19. Sleeping in on Saturday morning
20. A spontaneous trip
21. The waves crashing at the beach
22. A clean house/apartment
23. Getting done with a project at work
24. Laughing with friends until your side hurts
25. Playing a game of beach volleyball and winning

There are many more but I just thought I'd start with the top 25. I didn't want to bore anyone to badly...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am going to start off by saying I am a fairly easy person to get along with. I am the type of person who willingly accepts all walks of life. I'm generally a happy go lucky kind of a gal until someone spins my happy world out of control, when that happens you better be on the look out.

A major sickness of sniffles; snorts; rattling and painful throat feelings reared its ugly head starting on Friday. This icky sick feeling has not let up for one minute so, of course, drugs (the good over the counter kind) have been pumped throughout my body beginning Saturday morning.

I slept most of Sunday off and on - did a load of laundry - which by the way still needs folded. Called of sick yesterday - which by the way again - I never do. I stayed in bed until the rightful time of 5pm only because I had a volleyball play off game, which is where I'm going with this little ditty of a story.

Yes, I certainly know what you all are thinking. Let me tell you - I'm dedicated to my team and especially to this team. We are top dogs in this league and I was not about to let my team down because of some snotty filled nose and rattling chest, chills or sweats.

Are you kidding me? We played our rivals for the chance to get into finals. I am a go getter and my team needed me sick or healthy it didn't matter. I was not letting them down.

I went and played and we lost - sadly we couldn't pull it off. I am not sad about the loss but I will tell you about the drama involved after the game. This is what I am sad about.

I am standing on the sideline gathering my things and I say "this is bullshit" under my breath. I say that because of the way I feel and how I played along with my team. It was purely bullshit that we played poorly and lost end of story. I am by no means a sore loser never have been. I am glad for the other team.

Here is where the plot begins to thicken. A girl from the other team gets in my face and shouts, "What's bullshit, Darla?" Why do you have to be a sore loser?" I commented back with, "what are you talking about?" I meant the way I played was bullshit not you guys winning."

I said to her again, "I just don't feel good and wanted to play better then I did." She then called me a stupid bitch and began to make boo hoo sounds and rub her fist below her eyes. What makes this worse is her whole team got in on it. I was livid. I can not stand immaturity from adult women or men to be honest.

At that point, I stopped in my tracks, turned around, pointed my long skinny finger at her and proceed to shout, "Shut up you fucking bitch!" After all that I'm thinking holy hell where did that come from? I have never in my life said that to anyone, well, at least out loud like that.

This morning I got a phone call from my BFF -G- telling me not to feel guilty at all. That the girl who picked this argument is labeled as a troublemaker who is known to make outlandish comments about others.

G also told me that her whole team defended me after I left knowing I was sicker then a dog and gave me credit for evening showing up to play.

All I have to say is AMEN that league is done for another year. We will defeat team bad ass next year giving them a spanking they will never forget.


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Hole

During my volleyball game last night - Spiderman comes flying out of the back gym, where he was probably climbing the walls and whipping webs around the rest of kids, screaming MOMMY, LOOK A HOLE, as he's pointing to his knee, but it's okay...cause you can sew it!!

He did great this week only wore Spiderman once. I continued to tell him it was drying in the laundry room. That lie would only last so long - 4 days was enough I guess.

However, I got a message from his dad asking that I put something decent on him and not Spiderman for the exchange. I will just for the record state that I dress Tyler quite adorably everyday and trendy too boot. The Spiderman costume is a faze and he will out grow it, until then who cares that he wants to wear it all the time. He's 3 - it could be a lot worse.

Let me tell you about the freaking wrestling match I had this morning though...

I hate the fact that I have to argue with my child about what to wear to school. He's 3.5 and should just wear what he wants. Really, what is the big deal? He loves Spiderman and loves his outfit from Auntie Terri.

Next time, I will send him to school with a second outfit. I am completely worn out from the fight this morning and it makes for a miserable start to my day.

Especially when I'm already miserable about giving him up for a few days to the other half, which of course, I get blamed for, because you know, this IS ALL my fault.

I will fix the outfit this weekend and continue to let LM where it until it falls apart because I love seeing how happy he is when he's Spiderman!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Game of Horse

Last night LM and I were playing what I thought would be a quick game of HORSE...you know you've all played it.

We, of course, played by his rules. LM made me sit on the floor about 10 feet away from the hoop as he got to stand and we took turns shooting at the basket.

Why does that child's hoop feel so far away when sitting on the ground and why is it so tough for mommy to make that simple shot?

I got the HOR right away as LM made shot after shot. Finally, he gets the HOR - ah, we are neck to neck. I'm thinking I better pull out my best free throw or I'm going to lose here.

Well, it happened...I've been beaten by a 3.5 year old at a simple game of H O R S E. Not only did I lose but I had to watch the victory dance. As he stuck out his little behind wiggling it back and forth singing I'm the man and I beat you over and over again, all I could do was laugh and think I do have the greatest son in the world.

Nothing beats watching your child embellish on a sweet victory of defeat.


Monday, March 12, 2007

We are the Champions

On Saturday I played in a local Women's Six Tourney to help raise funds for the local High school JO volleyball team. What a great day of high level intense playing from dawn to dusk.

There were at total of only six teams so a round robin was the best schedule of choice for the tourney directors. Team X (us) started off to a slow start with loosing 2 out of 4 games but we ended strong taking 2nd place overall.

It came down to semi finals, which was was one quick game to 25. The do or die moment every teams wants to have at the end of the day. We started off serving aggressively taking the lead and never looking back.

Going into finals we were playing the number one seeded team. A team of volleyball experts, like ourselves, (wink wink) knowing we had to give more than that 100% with every play. We swept up the court in the first game - only to lose the 2nd - that final game a nerve racking game to 15 - (rally score my I remind you).

At this time, everyone is one their toes anticipating that every ball is theirs for the taking. The team theme turned into "no ball is untouchable - get to the floor to get it."

Finally - the score reads 15-11 - Team X has conquered yet another tourney taking home the trophy!!

Great job playing to all teams who entered.


Friday, March 09, 2007

New Ride

I finally did it!! I decided that I was tired of wondering if I would make it to work in my little blue jelly bean every snow storm. I began the search for new wheels on Monday. Have spent hours looking for deals and wondering if I could get what I want out of the '02 Honda Civic EX - which was loaded to the gills.

Last night, I took a drive over the mountain to a dealership that offers bottom barrel prices for semi used vehicles. I found the SUV I've been looking for - a 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor with only 16,000 miles on it - hell I put that on my car in less than a year. A great deal was found.

It was the last one - they had sold 9 of them that week and a women was on the phone questioning the one I was about to test drive. I knew it was do or die for this savvy ride.

There was no haggling the price for the car it is what it is along with the trade in value. This actually made buying a car nice for once. There was well, I have to check with my manager or I have to discuss this with whom ever you chose to bring. What you see is what you get here. I liked what I saw so I bought.

Sure, I'm a little nervous about having a car payment again, but I know I can do it. What is so amazing is for the first time in my life, I'm getting exactly what I want. There is noone but me to say yes or no. It's all on my shoulders - O man, I'm all grown up in this big place called Earth.

I got the SUV for a great price out the door that is jaw dropping as I tell friends, co-workers and loved ones. Tonight after work I will go and get my new ride and enjoy it until it falls apart. Life is good.

Bring on the snow, I'm ready!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Ticket

After meeting with friends for a brew and dinner, I decided to head down the stretch for home, as it was a long day and one beer was more than enough.

As I'm going along my merry little way belting out the tune to Poison's "Fallen Angel," I see lights of red, white and blue and I'm not talking the American Flag here.

That's right, police lights...so I proceed to pull over abruptly, thinking the cop is on a mission, turns out that mission was me. I decide to open the glove box dig for my owners card and registration having them ready as he got to my window hoping to make this as pain free as possible.

He gets to the window, shines the bright flash light right in my eyes making me look away and squint. I mean really is that necessary?

He continues to say - do you know the speed limit is 25 and you were going about 40?

I really had no idea I was going 40 - I thought I was going 35 and I thought the speed limit was 35. Clearly, that is not the case.

He decides to give me a moving violation instead of a speeding ticket fine. This way I don't earn points or have a larger fine to pay.

The truth of the matter is, he never clocked me and was driving behind me so there is really no way of telling how fast I was going. Man, I could have fought that case and won as I know a great attorney.

I take my ticket and there is no breakout cost - he proceeds to tell me I need to go to the magistrates office for that information.

WTH? - I have to leave work to figure out what my fine is...is that something new?

So today, I'm heading out to pay the city of jingle town some money they don't deserve as I have 10 days to get and pay my fine. I'm thinking payments of $10.00 a month should be sufficient.



Why when I ask a certain someone to help me out it is only OK for a little while, until something better comes along and then my needs are dropped. However, on the flip side, when this person asks me for help I'm more then willing to go above and beyond...


O yes, because I have a HEART...