In my little world "I am Queen"

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I am cursed!! Today, I received my expense check - $666 on freaking Halloween!! How and why does that happen? O, I know how and why - because it's ME!

It just doesn't get any worse than that. I feel I should be entitled to go home now only to slip under the covers hiding from the world tonight!!

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thank yous and Lovings

All I'm going to say is I love my birthday and I celebrate it all weekend usually. Only because it is truly the only time a year you get to do whatever you want and NOT get in trouble. I loved hearing my friends and family say, "Where do you want to go, what do you want to do? You are the birthday girl!!"

I am not a usually selfish person but on this weekend, this one glorious weekend of my celebrated birth I am selfish!! I will admit that, because really, what mother/wife/friend spends all year thinking about themselves - normally not one. I am not that one person until my celebrated birthday. It's ok to be that way - ONCE a year.

I always make sure everyone is taken care of first and then when I finally sit down at night after all is right with the world, I double check me and ah, life is usually good.

So here is the special "THANK YOU" to all my friends who partied with me on Friday night, I love you all so very much. My life would not be complete without any of you to cry; laugh; eat and sometimes have that merry little beer with on occasion!! I do not know how any of you put up with me!!

To my wonderful adorable older sister - THANK YOU for sending the roses, what a GREAT GREAT surprise when I got home on Friday after a long day at work. Little Man loved the box and played with it for an hour.

To my little sis - Thank you for dinner out last night. Even though we sat near the cranky table and the training table, it'll give us great topic at the next big sis/little sis meal.

Love to you all!!

BTW - to all those friends invited Friday who couldn't come out and play - you were missed!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

30 + 2 Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow I will turn the rightful age of 30+2! Holy heck where have the years gone? O my the places of crazy turns and twists they have taken me. What a great ride life can be.

It is funny to think I'm all grown up in this huge place called the World chugging along to my own little beat, most of the time. Folks all around me saying - O you're 32, as if that's a bad thing!! I take on age as a thing of beauty not horror. Besides, I have gotten carded a time or two cracking up every time I hear, "May I see your ID." The response is always, "Heck ya!" "THANK YOU!!"

If you feel good about yourself and the things you've done in your life age should be just a number, not some horrific thing that sneaks up to haunt you daily. As I turn 30+2 I will celebrate drinking cool micro-beers with friends tonight at some local pub in town - so excited as I have yet to go there - tomorrow with family and loved ones.

We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. NEVER BE THE FIRST TO GROW OLD!!

I will be the first to admit, I'll never stop playing - Life is to short to do so and besides, I'd be bored.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No Moaning Allowed

I am surrounded by all kinds of walks of life I swear it in my little hometown. I have finally gotten my rear back into the habit of getting itself up at 5AM and dragging it to the gym just to pound the heck out of that treadmill.

This morning as I'm pounding it out several people come in - it was nightmarish. I thought myself and the other 6 folks in the gym were the only goofy ones in the area. Today, I found out different. There were probably 20 folks in there. All eight treadmills were taken. I thought a fight was going to break out one person got done running then another went running and the last girl standing was livid. Too funny if you ask me, who fights over working out?

I usually pay no attention to who is in there and what they are doing for good reason. Unfortunately, today was a little different. The eyes were a roaming today. Bad idea if you ask me.

As I'm on one weight machine, I notice this guy on the one weight machine near me, I take a better look the form is all wrong and it's a swinging lift motion instead of one swift lift motion. That, however, is not the best part. He moves to another machine and I'm now doing my free weight workout and I hear this loud and I mean LOUD - MOANING, GROANING type of noise.

I stop looked up the sound continued to pour out of his mouth. I can't even describe the pure torture of a sound he was making. It was this bitter, help me, I'm in so much pain moan. All I could do was look at a friend of mine and try not to bust a gut from shear laughter. Believe me at 530AM laughing is no joking matter. I'm so not a morning person, but this was just hysterical.

Now, don't get me wrong there are days when I am making the roughest looking faces as I'm pounding away on the treadmill or lifting like a champ but never ever have I moaned maybe winced but no moans. It truly should be outlawed at the gym - at least this kind of moan.

All I could think of was "Giddy up..."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Old Man Winter

Folks get out your gloves, hats, boots, leg warmers (remember those ugly things?) ear muffs and ski pants. Today, the snow is sticking to the ground, I'm not as jovial about it as I thought I would be. I got up to hit the gym after much grumbling went out to the driveway only to find my car covered in snow.

I had to dig for that darn snow scraper - ewww - the dreaded man made invention that I loathe to no end. As I got to higher elevation of course the snow is sticking to the roadway. One would think that living in PA I would have my snow tires on already or at least be ready for early snow fall- NO, not me.

What happened to global warming - should it not make our winters shorter and summers longer? I at least think that's the way it should work.

O well - I guess now my little man can wear his beloved blue moon boots now.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ramblings and What Nots

Being gone from work and all schedules for so long makes you just Crazy Stupid. I seem to be still on va-k and travel mode. Now that I'm back everyone and their brother feels I owe them time. Is that what it feels like to be popular? If so, I don't want to be popular.

I have a friend who gets to sleep in every Friday and I'm so jealous of him today. As his work hours are, get this 10A - 3P!! I think there is a lunch hour in there as well, but I could be wrong. To his benefit, he does work longer hours during the week, at least I think. I sent him an email today at 7AM telling him I was angry with him and rightfully so. It's cold and rainy here so far today and I'm not ready for this weather. This is great stay under the covers and have a great book handy weather.

I can't seem to get a grip on the things here at work, again, paper throw up every. It is making my day go super fast, which is great for a Friday. I will admit, I am glad to be off on Monday. Yes, another day off, why complain? - because I can. I'm not really complaining it just sounds that way. My sister is coming in with her boy and we're going to hang out doing cool stuff on Monday.

Skipped the gym this morning for the 2nd day in a row. However, I will be there at lunchtime with all the other crazy gym rats. Yesterday, there were way to many folks, it was annoying. Waiting for the weight machines; treadmill and other whatnots just kills me. Get out of my gym was screaming thru my little head. I'm hoping with it being a Friday no one will be there to work out. It was fun seeing all kinds of new faces as I did some people watching.

O did I people watch...WOWZAA - I could right a best seller about people watching!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Travel woes

I am sitting here cranking and have no shoulder to sniffle on so I'll just sniffle on your computer screen. I got here to DIA and had no ticket waiting for me at the ever so friendly kiosk. I had to go to the ticket counter and the agent who had to hook me up and goes - O we don't have you on this flight. I said the guy outside was more than happy to take my money and bags marked them with Pittsburgh tags; how can I not have a boarding pass?

I pulled out my itinerary from the dufass at Latrobe and she goes what happened there? I therefore, went into all the mess of a hell story and blah blah blah and she was than able to find me.

I get thru security and the freaking WITCH at the metal detector goes to me, "hey honey push the bins thru this is a self service airport." NO * * C K!! I was waiting for the guy in front of me to grab his bin with his jacket that he so willingly forgot about!!!

Finally, I'm heading thru the metal detector but wait - it beeps. The lovely guard goes, "honey, you need to remove your belt and jewelry." As I'm doing so she * * C K I N G has the nerve to tell me it's not your jewelry it's just your belt. It took all I had not to go over and knock her already crooked teeth out!! After all, she is the one who told me to remove my jewelry and belt. It's not even as if I wear a lot of jewelry!!

OK 1st of all - I don't like to be called HONEY by someone who is not even remotely adorable, who I don't know and at the same time being a smart ass about the word.

I wanted to say - I have a first name and HONEY isn't it. I also wanted to cry. I'm usually not a crier either. I'm a tough cookie who doesn't take any crap and I have no control of my day here...GRRRRRRRRR....therefore, that is the issue.

Last but not least, I get up to my terminal check the screens only to find out that there is a direct flight to Pittsburgh on US and that damn jackass in Latrobe told me no direct flights on any airlines. The direct flight would have put me in the 'burgh at 2:00.

I'm so bitching out Northwest when I get home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My trip as come to an end!

Tomorrow morning I will be flying home after being gone for a long 10 days. I have had the best time ever. My trip to Colorado started off "Rocky" no pun intended. Once I got here and got settled in my sister; brother in law and ever sweet nephew wined and dined me to no end.

On Saturday we started out going to downtown Denver and hitting a pool hall called Wynkoop which is a microbrew and the beer tasted ever so good!! Then we headed out to a German eatery for dinner and it was YUMMY. Had a few brewski's and headed back home.

Sunday rolled around and we had to take Harley shopping for his fall concert for school - what a chore that was. We got home and got ready fo our reservations at an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's which was excellent. Diane was all excited because there were four of us which meant we got more food. We ordered the family style meal and they brought you how ever much of whatever you wanted. It was quite lovely. I of course ate way to much.

Monday - I finally got up after being awoken by Diane and we decided to the gym. All I have to say is there gym freaking rocks. It was amazing I had the best 3 mile run and my abs are still sore from pushing. I did need to workout with all the beer and food I have been eating and drinking. WOWZAAASSS.

Monday night finally rolled around and we hit the AVS game. What a great game even though they lost. They didn't play aggressive but they are a new team and with any luck in a few years they will be great. We had kick ass seats on center ice and I got awesome photos. It was a great time just hanging out and kicking back. I will say my sister is a sports NUT and I love her for it.

Special thanks to my wonderful Brother in law for not spazing about the tickets (they were pricey and ever so kick ass!!) and letting my sister out for a great girls night of play. Hockey is the greatest sport invented. It's fast and furious and more enjoyable at the stadium. We even stopped for a brownie desert on the way home which was quite yummy.

Today we went to the Garden of God's which was just breath taking and heading over then to the Cave of Winds where we took the tour of the caverns. I love when the guide tells you "Do not touch the walls." It's like yelling - "I dare you too." I however, did not touch anything for fear of the $2,500 fine.

On the way home however, it started to spit ice and snow. I'm telling you, only me, it's my travel curse. Tomorrow with any luck I will have no flight issues.

When we got back, I began the dreaded packing which is finished and will be off in the AM back home to lovely PA, where I am missing the boyz.

You are able to view all my photos of my trip on Flickr. I hope you do and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking and posting them.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Flickr Finally

I have joined the rest of the blog world by sticking Flickr on my blog. Please feel free to browse the photos and leave comments if you like.

Safe in Colorado

I am now finally in Colorado. What a trip to get here. I have a feeling that I am cursed when traveling.

We got up on Friday and the meeting disbanded early so we thought we would be ever so clever and try to hook up on the 1040A flight from SD to CO. We made great time getting to the airport and got there around 9:00 - Enough time to get to the gate and thru security.

Until we got dropped off and saw the line which was wrapped around out the door and to the curb. Guess we're not making the 1040A. We stood in line for a miserable 2 hours.

When we finally got to the ticket counter we learned of the 233PM flight and chose to grab that one. My sister let out an I ROCK scream as I of course just smiled and rolled me eyes.

We take a stroll do some shopping; hit security; only to learn our flight was delayed to 319PM. Still not to bad right; well, here's were the nightmare begins, we not only get delayed one more time but twice more. 330 to 345.

At this time, I'm not amused or feeling any better regarding getting on an earlier flight from 515P.

We're both tired and cranky and the airport is hot and stuffy and smelly. I have also learned you can only people watch the same dull boring folks for so long.

Thank goodness I had my cell phone and have a bunch of friends I can rely on to talk to when I'm miserable.

So I have come to the conclusion I am cursed when it comes to any traveling other than by car. No wonder noone ever wants to fly with me even if they get free room and free meals.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

2 New Pictures

Me doing my favorite thing - EATING..

Myself and Diane on Mission Bay Beach.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

O My The View

This is the view from my room! It was all worth the hassel of a bad travel day. I guess that is better then a bad hair day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travel Nightmare

Yesterday morning I got up at a bright 3:30AM got dressed and started the day off right. A kisser for my little man and hubby who is sleeping ever so peacefully. As I head out the door I begin to feel the excitement of my up coming day.

Only to find out my nightmare of all nightmares will begin shortly. I sweep down the mountain and over to the airport only to find out that my 6:40AM flight is CANCELLED...WTF races thru my head as I stand at the counter and tell the guy he's got to be joking. Then begin the all issues of why men hate woman - I cried!!

The counter guy says, "Nope, not joking. No crew."
Like it's not a big deal. Hello jerky - I paid for a flight and now you don't it have one for me.

Now I'm really pissed off - what do you mean "NO CREW.?!" There is a flight scheduled and the crew just doesn't show up. How freaking lovely.

I tell him, you need to fix this. He proceeds to tell me I can take the 4:20pm flight with arrival in San Diego after 9PM.

I tell them nope not happening. Well, you can drive to Pittsburgh and fly out at 7AM a flight you won't make. Then why the freaking hell offer it? Why aren't you offering a shuttle? A question I failed to ask.

How about Johnstown, I asked. Response - it's foggy they will probably cancel it. Only to find out later it was a 7AM flight and it was NOT cancelled.

We finally decide on the 8:55AM flight. I'm out the door at 5:00AM and back on the road. Only thinking of maybe I shouldn't be on this 8:55 flight and should have taken the 4:20. UGH. You know flight anxiety...grrr grrr

So I get to the big 'burgh airport and get my bags checked in and am off to the security line. I am now breathing a little easier...only to find out I have been pulled aside for additional security check.

Really? My sister says it's because they pull all the girls over. I think it's because I had my laptop or just looked stressed. But whatever, rather be safe then sorry.

Honorable mention is when I was checking my two bags (yes, 2 I'm gone for 10 days) the big burly security guy asks, "Any weapons or explosives?" in his ever so raspy voice.

I look at him without thinking and say, "I don't think so." He however is very unamused by this and says, "Ma'am Yes or No answers only please."

I had to laugh - maybe that's why I got pulled over for additional security scrunity.

Pictures to follow...computer issues with posting...grrrr grrrr

Monday, October 09, 2006

4:00 Leave time

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for my big trip - departure from home 4AM YIKES. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself - so why the concern here then? I have nothing ready!! I mean NOTHING. I am usually overly organized and I would have had everything packed on Saturday a week a go.

organization is something I take pride in and drive not only my family nuts with but my co-workers as well. No kidding, in our last award presentation my boss told the crowded room that I was anal when it came to organization!! Then made sure that was a good thing to all who were listening - I was slightly embarrassed!!

No kidding, all my clothes would have been ironed and picked out in neat little piles of what I was wearing for each day. Along with that would have been the items of maybe's I'll take and maybe's I won't. Maybe it's a disorder I have?

Not being ready is out of character for me and think maybe I'm just getting comfortable with myself and finding I can get organized quickly or I'm just becoming plain and simple "scatterbrained."

I'm not sure. But I am leaving the joyous workplace today at 11 and going home to rush around folding the left over laundry; ironing the work stuff; packing like a mad woman; getting my precious LM early from school to hang out for Mommy and Me time.

Tomorrow my 14 hour travel day begins. I'll either be exhausted or so pumped up with anxiety from the flights (remember I hate to fly - especially alone) that my sister won't be able to stand me for the first few hours.

However, I will sit here for the next several hours and pray for flight safety; wisdom to the pilots and last but not least I will also pray for my overly anal organizational skills (or skeelz as Mr. Lady's boy says) to kick in!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Work Conference and Beaching It

Next week, I am on a flight to the balmy beach of San Diego for a work conference for 4 glorious days. All the while my sister, Diane, will be meeting me at the airport and joining me for the week. We will catch up; relax and I can not wait.

Yes, I will miss my boyz terribly but the break will be a good one. I am then heading over to Denver to visit with my sister and her family for 5 days. I cannot wait as I miss her baby boy tremendously along with my quite adorable Brother in Law.

I have not seen them in a few years and have not been out to their new place. I will have my laptop and may or may not blog. I'm sure you'll all get by without me for a few days. I know, it'll be hard but you'll be fine. The truth is, can I get by without all of you?

In the meantime - I "stole," "yes, stole" this photo from my sister's blog because I do enjoy the beach and a good beer. I thought this was the perfect image for next week's trip. Especially since this week has been pure hell in every way imaginable.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Papers, Papers, Papers

Ever have a day where your office looks like your filing cabinets threw up? Today is that day…throw up EVERYWHERE…

Not venting just saying…

Here's the proof

Here it is the photo of the infamous night out with SCREECH!! The body guard (guy to the right) looks SCARY, but then again I guess they have to look that way. Still no word on the sex scandal story maybe at their next "Guys night out!"

I do however know for a fact that he was signing girls boobies. I mean really girls, why would you let anyone sign your boobies? Are you not going to bathe? A small tidbit, when you do bathe the autograph will wash off, then what? You're left with nothing, no proof, just the memory of it all. I would rather have the proof.

You should have had him sign the t-shirt you were wearing in that area instead.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Family Bed

I am a huge believer that there should never be a "family bed." However, when you are so tired and drained your mind tells you to just give in. It is my fault and started with LAM getting scared and needing his closet door open then the bedroom door. All of this was fine, until the dreaded whimpering and nightmares began.

The first time was ok - as I comforted him and he cuddled up next to me and asked to hold my hand as he was scared. It was so hard to tell him no as those big pouty eyes were looking at me. Really, how could any mother resist?

Unfortunately, this drama has been ongoing and is getting quite annoying!! Only because last night I'm laying in bed wide awake at the ever so early - even for birds - 3 freaking AM.

What do I hear? My son grinding his teeth and the husband sleepwalking. Between the two of them my night of a blissful sleep is doomed.

Tonight, I will put my LM in his own room, in his own bed and let him figure this sleeping issue out. I know sounds so cold hearted and cruel. He'll scream, kick and pitch the worlds worst fit and I'll feel like unfit mother.

I do however know this, if this momma doesn't get a good night sleep her household is not going to happy!

Monday, October 02, 2006

She wears the pants

Well, I made it thru volleyball last night and survived the drama from last week... Slap Happy.

After 45 minutes of driving while having that not so good feeling of throwing up in the bottom pit of my belly the closer to the sportsplex I got I finally parked; took in a huge breath; let out a sigh not of relief walked in feeling worse because I may or may not have slapped someone's butt and his wife went wild crazy.

As I sat beside my buddy Trav with sweaty palms he tried to make light of the subject as I whispered, "I'm worried about her causing a scene." Chris enters, the girl who shared the slap story. She comes up to me asks me how I am I tell her nervous she says don't be, M.E. (crazed wife) made Collin quit.

What? You have got to be kidding me? How foolish. How immature.

According to Chris, M.E. didn't want Collin playing to begin with. She was upset the team didn't ask her to play, as she played years ago. I was her excuse for getting Collin all worked up to the point that he just quit.

Lovely is my reaction - why do women even act like this? Are you that insecure with your marriage and yourself you have to control your husband?

Collin made the comment to M.E. and Chris that I paid no more attention to him than I did to anyone else on the court as it was obvious I was there to play volleyball not flirt or make new friends. Go figure. Well, that set her off - how dare her husband realize what my agenda for the night is...VOLLEYBALL...

We have a new player. I couldn't even tell you his name as I forgot. I know silly me being there to play volleyball, yet again. I just finally got Shawn's name right last night after calling him Phil - twice.

As the third game set in I was on strong side; my two hitters were middle and weak side. In co-ed volleyball, the girl is usually there to set, not my choice, but whatever, I usually want to hit; (trust me I can hit on a guys net too - for all you guys reading this thinking EGO crazed female thinking she can hit on a guys net).

I'm now up front getting ready to switch from strong position to weak after the serve; I catch myself touching the middle players back to let him know I'm there and not to back into me.

DING DING DING - hello light bulb. That is what I must have done to Collin touched his back to let him know I was there and not to back up until after I had made the switch. Any person in their RIGHT volleyball mind would know this.

I looked at Chris and said, "I know when I touched Collin." Explained reason to her and she remarked she does the same thing, it's a habit.

Mystery solved. I did not touch his butt and his wife IS CRAZY.