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Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to Chapter 2 - Beginnings

Today was the first day of Preschool/Daycare for my LM. I went to help with drop off. I thought long and hard and came to the decision of not wanting to miss this milestone no matter how emotional I may get. So I slept in a little and went to work late. Not a bad thing for a Monday morning!!

My child did much better then I. We went into the room - he clung and tears stated to wail up (on my end, not his) - I told his teacher, you're just going to have to take him. She did, immediately he started to crack up and giggle.

Did my son just not cry? Did he just laugh and smile? Is he starting to have a good time already? He gave Daddy a high-five and ignored me - which was probably better for me - I was busy dropping off his items trying to hide my tears and be brave when all this was taking place.

I crept out, his teacher took him over to the door to wave at us. LM was all smiles as he waved good-bye to us while yelling, "See you later Mommy." "Bye, Daddy."

As I got into the car, tears began to fill my eyes some for happiness because I know he'll be fine. Others were my sad tears, as I realized my baby is growing up.

According to Daddy, it has been ages since he hasn't cried at drop off.

I will continue to think of him all day and miss him tremendously. After all, he is my #1 and that's what mother's do - worry and love their babies more then anyone could ever comprehend!!

I will however, know that I made the right decision and he will be fine!! Chapter 2 has begun with a good start!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally Friday

Last night as I'm getting out of my car to head down to the ever infamous volleyball courts at the local park - hitting the top of the steps looking down over the softball field I hear the words uttered "Let's get this game going, I have a volleyball game and I need to be there!"

Trust me - I have witnessed her play for the past 10 years and her team plays better without her!! Her team needs her to stay on the softball field.

Instant cringing went through my body of "You have GOT to be FREAKING kidding ME!" She's still in whiner/complainer mode of playing dual sports. Get over yourself already!!

See here My link

Well honey, I ran 2 miles and lifted yesterday and I'm playing volleyball and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Thank goodness it was our last week - until fall season.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last Day

Well, today is the last day of home daycare for my LM...not sure how I'm feeling about this. I'm excited on one hand and the other nervous as all get out. There seems to be so many pros and cons for both. But with Nat being pg - maybe with twins (God bless her) it was a no brainer to pull him.

So tonight, I will say my goodbyes to a Chapter in my sons life. Monday say hello to his fresh new start at a happening Preschool/Daycare Center. They have scheduled a field trip to a local kiddie amusement park - his first week...YIKES...
Welcome to Chapter 2.

I'm so happy not to be the dropper offer!! My poor sweet husband, I think I better pack a drinkie for him after he does the drop off deed. Who knows, maybe LM will be so excited that he doesn't even realize he's some where new...

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else I can think of for luck...especially for a smooth drop off for hubby.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nuts & Bolts

Not sure what to blog about today. Should I bore you with stories about my awesome friend they call T-DAWG and her impeccable volleyball skills (there's your 5 seconds of fame t-dawg) I think I'll pass on that one.

Should I tell you how I went out last night to the local watering hole had a few beers to share in my friend Mike finally reaching the ever so young 29th birthday? I'll pass on that too.

Although, it was a fun night. I love people watching and at the bar is where you get your best scenery...especially when a guy you don't know or want bothered with has the stares, proceeds to approach you. You know his name, but he doesn't know yours and you just roll with it. He's still wondering how he knows her - HA he doesn't...but we all knew him. Pays to be friends with the bartenders!!

He apparently didn't see her WEDDING BANDS even when she waved them in his face. Stupid, stupid boy.

So today is just a kind of whatever free for all blog day.

I will mention though that I went to Wal-mart at lunch time the most annoy place in Johnstown especially at lunch time. I did, however, manage to get my concert photos developed and let me say one word, "SMOKIN!"

They turned out to only look fabulous!! Especially the ones I took of the jumbo-tron you would think I was standing on stage with Bon Jovi...hummmn...maybe I was...I'll never tell.

Me and the Boyz

Me and the boyz jammin to Bon Jovi...
Me and the Hubby sporting our Steeler Attire!!
Jim (aka Rick) and Tim

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Check me out

Let me set the scene for you...

3 year old in momma's bedroom looking at himself in the full length mirror thinking he's all that and bag of your favorite chips...

Now, let me set the conversation...

Mommy, "Hey let's get your bath." "Get those clothes off."

Little Man, "Um, ok."

Now he's all nakiedy and stuff staring at himself in the mirror, shouting at the top of his lungs...

"Hey Mommy!" "Wanna see my pee pee?"

I mean really, how does one react to that without laughing first? I just looked at him in horror and thought, my gosh he better not be screaming that at daycare. Where do kids come up with this stuff?

Next week is his first day at Preschool/Daycare - can he be kicked out for doing stuff like that, my guess is probably!! They'll think what kind of parents does this wild man have?

Holy heck - what if he asks some little girl that question! I'll be mortified!!

Headlines will read - Child kicked out on his first day of Preschool all because he wanted to show off his pee pee.

There goes my mother of year award!!

I just looked at him and said in a calming yet stern voice, "Hey that's not very nice to say and no I don't want to see your pee pee!"

And so my troubles and worries of having a son begin!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bon Jovi Concert and Getting Carded -

Yesterday after much deliberation the hubby and I decided to hit the road and join the millions of others heading to the 'burgh (Pittsburgh, PA) to see Jon Bon Jovi perform at Heinz Field - home of the Pittsburgh, Steelers. What a great time had by all. We took a bus with a bunch of crazy/wild folks who are all older then we and they were a rockin!! Makes me think I'm not so immature after all when I party it up at the volleyball weekend at the beach!!

So we get there hook up with two of our buddies (Tim & Rick) who's real name is Jim but the hubby called him Rick all night so we went with it. We got tickets on the floor of Heinz Stadium (I touched the floor the Steelers play on - how thrilling) we were one section back from the stage and WOW is Bon Jovi still a cutie pie. Not as cute as my hubby - but nonetheless - what is the word the teens are using "HOTTIE!"

Concert was awesome he played lots of older songs and some newer songs. But I didn't care, I was there and I was on the floor and all our friends from the bus and everywhere else were in peanut heaven...HA HA...I got some great photos which I'm going try and post for all of you to enjoy. I only took about 100.

Now for the really great moment of the night - other then pushing myself up to the front for some great photo opps...I, little me, 31 years of age - went to get a drinkie and the bartender looks at me and says - "I need to see your ID." I started to laugh and said, "Are you serious?" His reply was "Yes." I continued with, "but I'm 31."

He didn't care. So I went and got my wallet with my ID, took it back showing it to him while he looks at it he goes - "O, I'm sorry, you look much younger then 31."

I am screaming in delight!! I could just kiss him, but I won't.

I mean really, I just got carded and then got told how young I look. Whether he meant it truly or was just covering up for carding me I didn't care!! O what a great feeling!!


So today, I'm at work and I'm going to be hitting the brick wall in a few hours as my body is not use to being up all hours of the night partying then getting up for a full 8+ hour day. Maybe a power nap at lunch instead of working out. :)

Uh, the evil things we do to ourselves, but I'm not complaining or whining as I'm still excited about seeing Bon Jovi and getting carded!! Again, the little things in life that thrill me.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pottstown Rumble -

This is a photo I discovered of me playing in the Pottstown Rumble doubles tourney in June 2006...it was by far the muddiest tourney I have ever played in my partner, Jeff, and I had a BLAST!! I felt like a kid again, of course with out the getting yelled at for playing in the rain and mud. That day I was allowed!!

No Whiners or Complainers wanted

A huge pet peeve of mine is hearing someone complain about something they do to themselves. When I hear this I just want to scream - "Stop it!" or better yet, "Do you hear yourself?"

Last night at my women's volleyball league we played a team that has a person on their team who does multiple sports, which by the way I think is great. Her softball games ends she runs over to play volleyball. Still no problem, good for her.

The problem begins when she starts - "Girls, I just got done playing softball and now I'm playing volleyball, I'm beat!" Not once does she state this fact but several times throughout the game - all I want to say is, "So what!" - "I ran 3 miles today; lifted; chased a 3 year old around for an hour plus and now I'm playing volleyball you don't hear my complaining about it."

Our whole team is looking at each other rolling their eyes thinking the same thing. If you're going to be miserable after dual sport night - then stay at home. It's your choice to play multiple sports and I don't want to hear about the misery you endure on yourself. If your body can't take it then don't do it. Plain and simple.

The kicker is as people would walk by (there's a track around the park we play at) if she knew them and they said hi to her and ask how she was she would proceed to tell them and not in a jovial way - it was pure misery - just how she got done playing softball and now has 6 volleyball games to play. I just wanted to six pack her (spike the ball hitting her in the face) to just keep her quiet. And I'm not a violent person. I'm a happy go lucky - roll with the punches type of gal.

I then had the pleasure (NOT) of reffing her volleyball game at 8:00 and she was just as miserable. Her best line all night was after her 100th "I just got done playing softball and now I'm playing volleyball." was - "I just do it all - I should weigh about 100 pounds." It took all I had not to look at her and say - "Well, honey, you don't so keep your mouth quiet and quit the complaining."

My advice - if you're going to complain or whine about something make sure it's a ligament complaint!"

It's amazing what folks complain about when the world has so many other issues going on.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Savings at the Pump

We finally have a Get Go gas station in the area. For those of you not familiar with a Get Go - it's a gas station chain developed by the ingenious corporate employees at Giant Eagle.

The deal is: Shop at Giant Eagle grocery store and get a savings for gas for every $50 you spend at their store. You must have the Giant Eagle Advantage Card and have it swiped every time you buy something - even the smallest item. Hey it all adds up.

I finally went grocery shopping after getting back from vacation - get to the counter pull out the infamous Giant Eagle Advantage Card and the endless sound of beeping begins. I had a lot of groceries and spent some serious hard earned cash that day.

As the cashier hands me my receipt he says - "Have you used the Get Go yet?" My reply was, "No, didn't realize they were open." He explains, "They are and you have a savings of .40 per gallon up to 30 gallons of gas."

Little does he know my little Civic is only about 13 gallons...30 gallons to me is a lot of gas and savings...

I think - WOO HOO send me to the pump!! I don't know about you but paying for gas is not a favorite thing of mine. So low and behold yesterday on my way to work, I drive to the Get Go - gas is $2.95 - I swipe my precious Giant Eagle card and the price automatically bumps down to a wonderful $2.55!! Not really that wonderful but it beats the $2.95 price.

My receipt is screaming a savings of $4.97 at the bottom - this is the best corporate concept ever!! Well maybe not the BEST ever but I'm pretty thrilled about it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good plays Bad plays

I like to think for the most part that I am a decent athlete. I mean really, who doesn't? Last night was my co-ed volleyball league night and you would have thought that I never played the game. Usually on co-ed night I am an outside hitter being the tall girl that I am and backrow defensive specialist. Usually my defense is pretty decent as well. There is nothing like digging the heck out a good spike and thinking, "Is that all you got?"

All my basic skills were blown out the window last night starting with being in the wrong place on the court at the wrong time and reading every hit/block wrong. I kept saying to myself, bend those knees; keep that back straight; don't swing your arms; keep your serve mighty and aggressive...nothing seemed to work. Other then - me saying to myself - "Just sit down or go home!"

Do all athlete's have those days or is it just me? I know you are your worst critic and I am way to hard on myself. I feel that since I've been playing before the start of time, there is no room for errors on the court.

Maybe it was the heat? It was 90 degrees at 600 here in sunny J-town. I'm playing on a new team who has been playing together for years and I'm trying to get in my comfort zone with them, maybe that's it. Not sure what the issues are but they better work themselves out or it's going to be a long season for me.

O the excuses I can come up with for having a bad volleyball night. Good thing the beer at the bar was nice and cold.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Playground Mayhem

Last night we, the fam, went to see my nephew's all star baseball game. As we're watching the game my son decides to play with Baby J's walking/push toy. This toy has been passed down thur all the grandchildren all 14 of them and my son loved it when he was a baby. As he's taking a run (I say run because that's what he does with it now, runs) with this toy some little girl comes up to him and says "You can't play with this it's for baby's." LM's reaction was "Yes, I can." She then proceeds to call him a baby. My son shouts, "I'M NOT A BABY!" Then proceeds to play and mind his own business. While I wait for him to knock her on the ground and say "I told you I wasn't a baby" at some point but he doesn't, thankfully.

I stand and watch this all going on thinking - Good job for sticking up for yourself, but please don't smack her one. I do not tolerate violence. The little princess then decides to try and take the toy off of him. I am at this point looking around for her mother who obviously doesn't know where her child is or what she is doing and that angers me even more.

If you're going to take your children out please watch them as other parents are not free babysitters. This is very annoying to those of us who try to keep an eagle eye on our children at all events.

I then go over an interject with a calm voice. "My son is not a baby and this is his cousin's toy and it once was his and he just likes to still play with it so will you please leave him alone!" Me, trying to reason with a 5 year old, and annoyed with doing so. Her mother should be the one doing this not me!

This seems to have stopped the feud for now. As we're leaving the game LM asks can I go home and ride my quad - the little girl hears and says - "You have a quad?" I look at her and say "Yes, he does." She then proceeds to say smartly, "Well, I have 3."

UGH...the pressures of being a toddler have begun.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Moving on up

Yesterday was the day that I signed LM (Little Man) up for daycare/preschool. I'm still not sure how I feel about this knowing that he loves (sort of) where he goes now. The hubby and I feel it's time to expand his horizons and also the fact that where he goes now - well she's expecting with the possibility of twins and has 3 children already. Plus there are days where there can be up to 10+ kids including her own (summer time only) and I'm a nervous wreck about him going.

I luckily am the picker upper and not the dropper offer. I have done the drop off and it breaks my heart to no end. The fact of knowing he's not getting momma kisses when he bangs his knee or scraps his elbow on the ground or my hugs for just being cute, kills me. Plus, is he getting enough attention? Not that he needs all the attention but a little would be nice.

He will be attending a daycare/preschool with other 3 and 4 year olds only. They have a great curriculum and have been given rave reviews by other parents in the area. So we interviewed/talked and were sold. His first day is July 31st.

At Friday's interview we took LM with us and all the kids were shouting bye to him and said see you in a few weeks...This made my heart melt - see previous blog - Melting Heart - someday I'll figure out how to link it - today I don't have time - At that moment, I knew we were doing the right thing. Even though LM clung to my pant leg for dear life.

My baby is not a baby anymore and I don't think I'm going to do well with this preschool thing at first but I can't hold his hand forever or can I? You're right he would look silly holding my hand at the age of 30 or 40 - but I wouldn't care. There is hope though, I'm a tough individual, just ask the hubby. It'll really be ok but for right now - I can be sad and proud we reached a golden milestone.

Day at the Lake

Yesterday we got the invite to head over to Lake Raystown with friends of ours and their kids to spend the day jetting around the 28 mile (I believe) man made lake. I do not know much of the history of the lake other then it was once a town and some folks got the idea to cover it in water. I know I should read up on the history - who knows maybe I will today. http://raystown.nab.usace.army.mil/just_the_facts.htm

Any woo...so off we went Hubby, Little Man, myself and 7 other folks to lake for the day. Little Man has never been on a boat of any kind so I was concerned about his reaction to this HUGE LAKE and being on an iddity bitty (not really but you get all 10 people on there and it feels that way) boat equipped for 6 Adults. The day started off rocky as I left him with Daddy to go and park my friends car at the beach/picnic area and await the pick up.

Dad explained that Little Man got on the boat and had to pee. He refused to pee off the side of the boat and looked sadly in his Daddy's eyes right before they docked at the beach/picnic area and said "I wet myself."

How awful Dad & I both felt. Here we are trying to get him to the point where he is potty trained and we have no where for him to go...However by the end of the day - he was peeing off the boat like a champ.

The husband and I got the chance to go water tubing - what an exciting thrill - speeding over water at about 100 miles an hour (ok not that fast but I'm not sure how fast we were going I just know it was fast) hurdling over waves and "O MY" I felt like a kid again. I sat on the tube instead of being tuff girl and hanging on with my arms for dear life and having done that caused my rearend to feel numb from gliding over all those waves. Can you say you have honestly never had feeling in your butt? What a weird but kinda cool feeling.

Then out came the water skies...sure I'm athletic...I can get this...looks simple enough...boy was I way wrong...now my girlfriend made it look easy. I took about 3 tries and was done with it. I do have a little bit of a deep water phobia and after the 3rd time and not having any control in the water due to insurmountable waves I was outta there. Done for the day. But may I say - I did get up for about 5 seconds. Not to bad for my first try.

The Hubby - bound and determined was not giving up for anything. He didn't do bad the first few attempts. After putting the skies away for a few hours and trying again when the water was calmer (which is what I should have done) he was up and skiing for several minutes. The ever so proud wife and child watch cheering him on every second he's standing.

I have a new found respect for the water skiers. Wow what a hard sport to accomplish.

There was even some cliff jumping which I did not do (back to that deep water anxiety issues); the Husband and a few others decided to feel brave and did some jumping. The highest cliff is about 32 feet and of course that is the one the big boys had to jump from. Today he is complaining of a bruise on his butt. My response, No kidding?

Tyler did well on the boat as I mention above - even jumping in the water from the boats ladder and getting braver with every jump. I don't know what he thought about all the other excitement going on throughout the day but a great time was had by all.

Next time I will be getting back out there and I'll be getting up on those darn skies.

Friday, July 14, 2006

4:20AM Wake Up Call

Being the deep sleeper that I am I tend to think in my sleepy state that when I hear that MOMMY cry in the wee hours it's just a dream. It is only when I hear that little voice calling for a few minutes I realize this isn't a dream - get up and see what Little Man needs. Usually he doesn't get up at all but this morning around 4:20 I heard that Mommy *sniffle* *sniffle* Mommy cry which tears at my heart everytime it's said, so I pounce (ok roll/fall) out of bed and run (eh ah stumble) into his room. "Honey what's wrong?" his response "I have to go potty!"

All I could do was stand there and look at him until it hit me - My baby boy woke me up so he could go potty!! Don't stand there - get moving!! What a great milestone we have reached!! Potty training is not the easiest thing for any parent to accomplish and I don't care what anyone says, it's not easy and that's that.

We rush to the bathroom so he can do his thing only feeling the whole time that I am the proudest parent on this planet. To excited to rush back to sleep, I of course rush in to see Daddy and say - get up - your son just woke me to go potty. He needs a gift. (I love giving gifts!!) I can't just give him a cookie like I usually do it's 430AM.

I need to accomplish nothing the rest of the day as I have accomplished the goal of potty training. So far...

I mean, I'm sure there will be accidents but who cares!! My boy woke me to go potty and to me there is nothing that can top that accomplishment today. Unless of course they promote me to CEO which is not happening.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Boys spelled B-U-S-Y

I have noticed that over the past few weeks I have really learned to sit back and just take life in and take more time to notice the little things that we forget about. One thing I have taken more notice to is just how busy my Little Man is. It's one event after the next and never a dull sit still for 5 minutes moment. Will I ever get that moment back and why do I miss it? Last night we went from watching Brother Bear - lasted honestly 10 minutes to being taken outside to pitch the ball so Little Man could blast me with his line drive. Have I mentioned my son is an athletic genius? That lasted maybe a half hour - then soccer became the next line item; then basketball; and finally dinner...which is a struggle when it's nice out. I have to bribed him to eat and stop playing.

Thank goodness the ultimate hubby was finally home to save me but really only to hear the whole time while eating "Daddy, are you done? Will you play with me?" With sad eyes he looks to me -"Mommy you done? Play with me?" I just wanted 5 minutes to sit and relax after a long day at work...where is the Calgone take me away when you need it? So after dinner the hubby takes him outside to play, yep football, for the remainder of the night - mommy finally wins that 5 minutes - which turned into cleaning up the house.

But in all honesty - I'm glad I have a BUSY BABY BOY - otherwise I would be bored with my life. Tonight - maybe hockey!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

3 year old conversation

Little Man - "Hey Aunt Gee Gee."
Little Man - "Hey Gee Gee."
Aunt Gee Gee - "What honey?"
Little Man - "Boo!"

His new thing...

Too much Monsters, Inc. maybe...

Melting heart

Last night I had a chance to sit down and just take life in. O what a great feeling. Little Man and myself had dinner at my MIL's along with my nephew "A" - the hubby was working late and Little Man got taken to her house late afternoon - as we got there I was greeted with many hugs and kisses and mommy I missed you today which made me smile from ear to ear. My son knows what heart strings to pull and he's only 3 - amazing. ;)

As I started helping get dinner ready Little Man took off and started playing with "A". It was the sweetest thing ever. He asked "A" - "Will you play with me?" "A" responded with "Yes, what do you want to do?" Immediately they started chasing each other and playing hide and go seek. Now mind you my nephew is 21 and my child 3. I just stood in awe watching - taking it all in with my heart melting more every second. I was a proud Aunt at that moment. "A" even let Little Man wrestle with him on the ground. It was quite the site seeing a 3 year old beating on his older nephew. My son the bully. Again, melting heart.

Later on that night I took Little Man to the playground and we found his buddy "J" playing with his dad. "J" is a 5 year old who lives by my one of my SIL's and Little Man adores him. They played for the better part of an hour. Hubby stopped up after eating dinner, I was giving him some peace and quiet time (that's important when working late) he began to chase the two boys and play hide and go seek. Just standing watching made me proud to have him as a husband and father. You could hear those boys laughing and giggling throughout the neighborhood. I have come to learn that there is no better sound then a child's laughter. Melting hearts everywhere. Kudos to my Nephew and Husband who really know how to make someone smile and realize how lucky they are to have them part of their life.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back to Reality

Vacation has ended and back to the beat of the old drum. I have decided that 7 days of vacation is not long enough. I'm thinking 10 days would be perfect. We headed off to Sandbridge, VA at 3:15A on July 1 - arriving at 10:30A to watch Little man in all his glory. He loved the water and sand, until my nephew(s) decided to scare him with a few sand crabs Saturday night. They say it's pay back for how my husband (their Uncle) scared/teased them all with the bogeyman story and made them cry endlessly...UGH...boys...it is not the father who deals with it. It's me, mommy, and I never teased those boys.

Sunday Little Man wanted nothing to do with the beach. Until we were given the idea to put his water shoes on. O glorious water shoes. It was smooth sailing from there. By Friday he was picking up and carrying the smaller sand crabs around showing everyone how brave he had become. Although, he was carrying them on his tiny shovel, it still counted. He even decided to let his daddy carry him out in the water and let the waves take over. Next year will be even better.

The best part of the week - accomplishing getting Little man pretty much (90%) potty trained. I think it was the ability of going outside - he loved going off the deck - that will be a great photo to share. He had one accident all week and well that was my fault...in the car away from the house and no where to pull over. But all in all he was well perfect.

So today he is with his Aunt and more then a dozen outfits. I'm sitting here hoping it'll be a good potty day. Ah, the finer things in life that excite us as we get older.